We are Bluefield

We are a hands-on business consulting firm focused on the Finance Arena. We are convinced that every ambitious company needs precise, complete and timely management information in order to achieve its strategic goals. Excellent information makes companies more effective, agile and successful. That is why we are specialised in information, system and organisation related challenges.

Our work

Our projects are executed by effective, self-managing teams that consist of selected experts. We deliver tailormade solutions by combining our knowledge, experience and independent position. This guarantees the best sustainable results in the shortest possible time.

How we do it

We focus on creating perfectly aligned people, processes, systems and reporting.

Change requires a structured and efficient approach. An important part of our method is creating support among managers and employees. We conclude our projects with a prudent handover to the organisation so that the next level really becomes “business as usual”.


Do not expect complex reports or endless PowerPoint-presentations.

We are here to deliver clear and sustainable results within agreed time and budget.

Our starting point

We founded Bluefield in 2008 to support ambitious CFO’s with the creation of steerable and predictable organisations.

We work as business partners with entrepreneurs and C-level managers to realise their Finance Transformation. We achieve this by optimising the alignment of people, processes, systems and information.


We start most projects with a QuickScan because it is important to first identify company-specific challenges, opportunities and goals. A QuickScan report is based on interviews with employees and managers. It can be completed in 2-3 weeks. It serves as a baseline measurement of the quality of accounting, information and the organisation. Each QuickScan contains a detailed project plan that clearly describes the steps the company must take to reach its “next level”.