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Business transformation projects have a major impact on the people within an organisation. That is why our Transformation consultants are specialised in facilitating successful transformations within time and budget with attention to people and culture.



Clear and complete insight into the status of your organisation’s Business Excellence Hub in just three weeks.

We will compile an accurate report on the robustness and added value of finance in your organisation by interviewing relevant staff. The quality and interplay of processes, data, systems, reporting and people are central to this QuickScan.

The findings will be related to the strategic goals of the company in order to reflect on the gap between the current and required organisation. We will create a detailed project plan, based on our best practices, that serves as a roadmap for implementing the organisation’s next level.

A QuickScan is the right solution if you want a clear plan on how to get to the next level and obtain maximum added value as soon as possible.

Accounting & Control Assessment

The assessment provides clear insight into the quality, reliability and added value of available management information during a (potential) acquisition. It is a unique red flag analysis on accounting & control issues and risks. The assessment can be completed within a week and is carried out by our senior leadership.

  • High level assessment on the robustness of the organisation, resources and systems.
  • Early assessment on quality and added value of management information.
  • Insight into the quality of business control.
  • Insight into the quality of accounting.
  • Head start for the QuickScan and Blueprint Implementation.

Reporting Readiness

Before an exit we can create detailed and consistent insights into the operational and financial performance of a company within a short time period. This service is relevant for portfolio companies that do not have operational and financial reporting at their desired level and when detailed and reliable information is required on short notice.

Exit Readiness

Thorough preparation is the basis for a due diligence process. The quality and availability of consistent and reliable data is essential for a smooth and successful exit. With Exit Readiness we facilitate excellent information in the data room. Exit Readiness preferably starts one year prior to an exit, to ensure that processes, data, systems and reporting are at the desired level.

Data Room Support

The quality and availability of consistent and reliable data is essential for a smooth and successful exit. This process is a highly dependent on the availability of the CFO. Bluefield will assist the CFO before and during the due diligence process by making sure all relevant information is available in the data room and all outstanding requests are answered properly and on time.


Blueprint Implementation

A scalable finance organisation that delivers excellent management information is an absolute requirement for successful companies with growth ambitions. A uniform and future-proof system landscape and standardisation of processes is the basis for automation and excellent real-time reporting. Our Blueprint Implementation is the solution to this challenge.

We start by gaining insight into the current situation with a QuickScan. The main result of this QuickScan is a detailed Blueprint Project Plan. It describes the steps that the organisation must take to reach the desired level as quickly as possible.

Business Process Management

Efficient and effective work are the starting point of Business Process Management. It is achieved by continuous optimisation, standardisation and automation.

Our process management projects are led by Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified consultants that will always keep the end-goal in mind: increasing customer satisfaction by increasing productivity and reducing errors & costs.

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement delivers structural cash flow improvements in the very short term. We do this by maximising insight into the cash position and optimising the Cash Conversion Cycle.


C-level Services

Our senior leadership is capable of taking on C-Level responsibilities during complex transformation projects.

Project Management

Our project management approach is based on Prince2-Agile. We combine this approach with our extensive experience in our project management approach. This allows us to deliver the highest possible quality and added value within a short period of time.

Change Management

Business transformation projects have a major impact on the employees of an organisation. That is why change management is indispensable for a smooth transition. A prudent change management approach increases the acceptance an adoption of a new system.

Clear and continuous communication is the foundation of change management. Involving stakeholders and guiding them through the changes should be a focus from the project initiation to the delivery.

Backfill Support

Focus is the key to success. If you want to achieve the best results within time and budget it is really important to separate day-to-day and project activities.  We can provide this operational support during a project.

Bluefield has provided the building blocks for our improvement project with their QuickScan. They have adapted quickly to our needs and priorities without losing sight of professionalism and objectives.
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