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Solutions & Implementations

Solutions & Implementations

Software applications that are adaptive and provide full support to the organisation are a requirement for excellence. This can be achieved by tackling the digital transformation as a business project with only limited influence from IT. This expertise unit supports ambitious organisations that see the digital transformation as an opportunity and is led by business, process, change management, data and system experts.

Business Intelligence

BI allows you to discover the story behind the figures by combining all financial and operational data in personalised and relevant dashboards.  It saves time and provides the insights you need to achieve your strategic goals. The data from different sources is presented visually and with just a few click you can perform an intuitive in-depth analysis up to the smallest detail. Excellent BI dashboards are:

  • Real-time and relevant management information from multiple sources.
  • Provide quick insights in an intuitive way up to the smallest detail.
  • Free from errors as no manual corrections are needed.
  • Personalised, based on the need of the specific user.

ERP Services

From selecting the right supplier to guiding and supporting the ERP implementation. We work closely together with our clients and technical implementation partners in order to make these complex projects a big success.

Our focus on processes, people and excellent management information combined with  the right balance in technical and functional expertise and a supplier-independent position results in a smooth implementation and maximum added value from the new system.

ERP Readiness Assessment

One of the most important conditions for a successful ERP implementation is preparation. We can conduct an assessment of the current situation and create a project plan within three weeks. The assessment is always tailor-made but will always contain the following components:

Scope, goals and timelines of the entire project in relation to the current status of the companies concerned.

An overview of the processes and a GAP-analysis that describes how to get from the current situation to the desired situation while taking risks and quality assurance into account.

What is the willingness to change and what are the available competencies of people in the organisation? Are organisational changes required and is the team ready for an ERP-implementation?

Overview of the IT and data architecture, legacy systems and manual activities including an analysis of the system roles and rights.

Project management, governance, change management and data migration.

ERP Selection

A new ERP-system has a huge impact on the entire organisation. The importance of the selection phase should therefore not be underestimated. We focus on all the building blocks of an organisation and their requirements in order to determine the best supplier.

ERP Implementation Support

A new ERP-system brings major changes to the people and processes of an organisation. However, during the whole processes regular activities will have to continue. A dedicated project organisation with a clear structure is therefore an absolute requirement. This organisation consists of employees and is supplemented by implementation, project and technical experts. We are experienced in leading project organisations that create excellent results within agreed timeframe and budget.

Project Revitalising

An ERP project is very complex. The entire organisation is involved, finance is turned upside down, IT management needs a different approach and all these changes are causing unrest. Too often projects of this size get stuck, derail budgetary or result in disappointing outcomes. You have to intervene immediately to get the project back on track and guarantee a good result.

Our unique, hands-on and effective project revitalisation aims at:

  • Analysing the current status
  • Proper project sourcing and knowledge sharing
  • Aligning the original scope
  • Creating a clear GAP analysis
  • Coordinating the renewed project plan
  • Excellent execution through Bluefield’s Project Approach

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Process automation increases reliability, efficiency and quality of the organisation.

RPA is software that can replace repetitive human actions. It is suitable for processing transactions, improving data, placing orders and communicating with other software. RPA does not require changes to your current system architecture.

By automating repetitive tasks, employees have more time to be of value to customers and realising the strategic goals. With RPA you can do more work with the same number of people.

Business IT Assessment

The selection of specific software has a long-lasting impact on the organisation. The Business IT Assessment maps the current application landscape and data structure within three weeks. The business objectives are the starting point for creating an IT Transformation Roadmap. The goal is to create an optimal and robust system landscape as this is crucial for an excellent organisation.