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A fully supportive and flexible system landscape is indispensable for reaching your strategic goals. A system is never an end in itselve. It is there to facilitate the goals and people of an organisation. That is why we approach a digital transformation from the perspective of your business with limited influence from IT.

With our expertise Solutions & Implementations we support ambitious organisations that see the digital transformation as an opportunity. The project teams consist of experts in the fields of business design, change management, processes, data and systems.

Bluefield is system-agnostic, so we can provide independent advice.

Selection Support

The most successful ERP implementations are preceded by an extensive preparation and selection phase.

The needs of the organisation are always at the centre of a system selection. Mapping the current processes and systems is therefore a logical start. The findings of this analysis combined with the strategic objectives will form the requirements for the selection. During this phase we aim to create agreement about the wishes and requirements throughout the organisation.

Implementation Support

System implementations are large projects that bring major changes to the people and processes of an organisation. However, during the whole processes regular activities will have to continue. A dedicated project team with a clear structure is therefore an absolute requirement. Our proven approach creates fully supportive systems that provide excellent management information within the agreed time and budget.

We achieve this by bridging the gap between the organisation and technical service provider. We facilitate a smooth implementation by taking the responsibility for: project management, optimal end-to-end processes, change management, data enrichment & migrations and supporting testing and training.

Revitalisation Support

Large system implementations still fail too often. In order to guarantee a good end result, you must intervene immediately. We can get any project back on track with our proven approach.

Change management is the key to success in this situation. The focus of a re-implementation is therefore not only on the technology, but also on the people and processes. We reduce risks and create support early in the process by actively involving key users from the beginning.

IT Architecture & Process Assessment

A fully supportive and flexible IT Architecture is a requirement for the achievement of your strategic goals. Our IT Architecture & Process Assessment answers the following questions:

  • Is the current IT Architecture scalable?
  • Are the current systems capable of supporting the future organisation?
  • How can we increase the quality of management information to the next level?
  • What does the ideal future situation look like?

We can carry out the assessment in just three weeks and draw up a detailed project plan with which the desired situation can be realised as quickly as possible.

Process Mining

System landscapes are becoming increasingly complex. End-to-end processes affect multiple applications which often results in a lack of insight in process performance. With process mining we analyse, monitor and improve complex business processes.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

By linking and combining all relevant data in BI dashboards, it is possible to discover the story behind the figures with just a few mouse clicks. Excellent information is relevant, complete, correct, timely and accurate.

Well implemented BI facilitates this with:

  • Real time dashboards with relevant and complete information by combining multiple large data sets.
  • Quick insights in an intuitive way through high quality visualisations and data analysis.
  • Reliable and timely information because manual corrections are unnecessary.
  • The ability to ‘zoom in’ on the smallest detail in the data.
  • Personalised dashboards that are adapted to the information needs of the user.
  • Improved scalability and adaptability through a less fragmented system landscape.

We approach BI projects from a business perspective and not the technique. You can only create excellent information with knowledge of the business objectives, processes and finance.

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Transformation Readiness Scan

Are you considering implementing a new (ERP) system? With our Transformation Readiness Scan, we assess whether your organization is ready for the transformation to a new system. It provides a detailed overview with concrete recommendations to improve the readiness. This reduces risks and increases the likelihood of a successful implementation. We examine five components: executive alignment, project governance, resource readiness, operational readiness, and technical readiness.

Professional, engaged and solution oriented. Bluefield is a pleasure to work with.
IT Project Manager, Kiwa Sweden