Solutions & Implementations

Automation for maximum support, analysis and reporting. All activities at Bluefield are aimed at optimizing the information provision. We do this with the belief that having a proper foundation in order is a necessity in order to become a high performance organization. The role of automatization and systems is increasingly becoming more important.

For most of us, reporting was not feasible without the use of Excel. With current systems such as Qlik Sense, Tableau and Power BI, it is relatively easy to combine and analyze operational and financial information and create dashboards. Additionally, the current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems support all end-to-end processes. The suppliers of these systems innovate with integrated Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, OCR and NLP solutions. The options seem endless, but are they?

Correct, complete and current information is an absolute prerequisite for the use of these systems. In addition, ERP systems must be aligned with the processes of the organization, which need to be optimized first. BI Tools require structured data. Bluefield considers the use of systems as a logical consequence of developing into a high performance organization (HPO). With our products and services we support and guide organizations in choosing, implementing and using all desired systems in the right way. Our experts have years of experience with implementing solutions and know all challenges.

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