Bluefield & Buy-and-build support

Projects for private equity owned portfolio companies take up a large share of our work. We offer a complete package of services aimed at integrating and developing these businesses. These projects always lead to more effective and controllable organisations. We achieve this through the optimisation of the Finance Arena.

In addition to our regular products and services, we offer specific services for the private equity sector. These services have been developed in cooperation with our partners in the sector. As a result, we are well aware of the requirements and standards in the sector. By combining this with our unique knowledge of the Finance Arena we can achieve the best results in a short time.

Accounting & Control Assessment

When: acquisition

The assessment provides clear insight into the quality, reliability and added value of available management information and is therefore a unique red flag analysis on accounting & control issues and risks. The assessment will be finished within a week, conducted by our managing partner and requires minimal effort from the organization.


• High level assessment on the robustness of the organization, resources and systems.
• Early assessment on quality and added value of management information.
• Insight into the quality of business control.
• Insight into the quality of accounting.
• Head start for the regular QuickScan and Blueprint Implementation.

Blueprint Implementation

When: in portfolio

It is crucial to receive the desired reporting at the agreed time. Additionally, when managing multiple portfolio companies, the comparability of the numbers becomes increasingly important. Our Blueprint Implementation provides a solution to these challenges.

We start this project with a QuickScan. This provides insight into the current situation of the organisation from an Accounting & Control perspective. Within three weeks we will create a full report on all risks, challenges and opportunities related to the Finance Arena.  This includes a detailed Blueprint Project Plan. It describes the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired future situation.

The four most common components of a Blueprint Implementation Project:

  • Accounting & Control Platform
  • Control Framework
  • Reporting Framework
  • Planning & Control Cycle

Business Control Extraction Program (BCEP)

When: possible exit

The goal is to create detailed and consistent insights into the operational and financial performance of a company within a short time period. We achieve this by creating a Reporting Framework based on current processes, data and systems within the company. This service is relevant for portfolio companies that do not have operational and financial reporting at its desired level and where detailed and reliable information is required on short notice.

Exit Readiness Support

When: towards exit

The quality and availability of consistent and reliable data is essential for a smooth and successful exit. This process is a highly dependent on the availability of the CFO. Bluefield will assist the CFO before and during the due diligence process by making sure all relevant information is available in the dataroom and all outstanding requests are answered properly and in time.

It feels good to have a partner that does not only provide advice but also implements the recommendations and feels responsible for the result.
Rikkert Beerekamp Former CFO Avedon Capital Partners