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Accounting, Financial Control, Business Control, Business Intelligence, Proces Optimization, Excellent Management Information,

Bluefield’s strength lies in a perfectly balanced team. We work in small independent teams consisting of a mix of senior, medior and junior consultants. Our senior consultants have built up their experience over years and have an excellent track record in all relevant disciplines. In addition, our medior consultants offer a mix of theoretical knowledge and in-depth practical experience. Finally, the team is supplemented with university-educated, creative and ambitious juniors.

Marco Stegeman
Managing Partner Marco Stegeman
Remco Koopman
Managing Partner Remco Koopman
Gerard Voort
Director Gerard Voort
Ralph Henderson
Director Ralph Henderson
Mark Vianen
Director Mark Vianen
Arnoud Rijpstra
Manager Arnoud Rijpstra
Ervin van der Meulen
Manager Ervin van der Meulen
Linda Schuur
Office manager Linda Schuur
Björn Zwart
Finance Manager Björn Zwart
Fatma Canbolat
HR Manager Fatma Canbolat
Manon Drost
HR medewerker Manon Drost
Romeo Aliar
Accountmanager Romeo Aliar
Yael Potjer
Business developer Yael Potjer
Marcel van Denderen
Senior Accountmanager Marcel van Denderen
Amir Velibekov
Graphic Designer Amir Velibekov
Niels Boor
Consultant Niels Boor
Johny Verheul
Consultant Johny Verheul
Lex Schoenmaekers
Consultant Lex Schoenmaekers
Rick Gijsbertsen
Consultant Rick Gijsbertsen
Nicky Bruyn
Consultant Nicky Bruyn
Luc van Gils
Consultant Luc van Gils
Kees van der Putten
Consultant Kees van der Putten
Yannick Kweens
Consultant Yannick Kweens
Bas Brinkenberg
Consultant088 Bas Brinkenberg
Remon Stephan
Senior Consultant Remon Stephan
Emile Nuijten
Consultant Emile Nuijten
Martijn van den Berg
Consultant Martijn van den Berg
Amber van Deelen
Consultant Amber van Deelen
Robert Blaak
Consultant Robert Blaak
Hester Siesling
Consultant Hester Siesling
Reinier de Winter
Senior Consultant Reinier de Winter
Inka Sinnige
Consultant Inka Sinnige
Leon Bruggers
Consultant Leon Bruggers
Hanna Knippers
Consultant Hanna Knippers
Luuk Fortier
Consultant Luuk Fortier
Thijs Brom
Consultant Thijs Brom
Jelle Wien
Consultant Jelle Wien
Tom Kruiper
Consultant Tom Kruiper
Xavier Ridderstap
Senior Consultant Xavier Ridderstap
Kevin van Huet Lindeman
Consultant Kevin van Huet Lindeman
Mark Bauhuis
Senior Consultant Mark Bauhuis
Ahmed Dira
Consultant Ahmed Dira
Dino Kadric
Consultant Dino Kadric
Julien Moreau
Consultant Julien Moreau
Sean Nijlunsing
Consultant Sean Nijlunsing
Thomas Steenvoorden
Consultant Thomas Steenvoorden
Joel Pinna
Consultant Joel Pinna
Matthijs Gras
Consultant Matthijs Gras
Luuk Koets
Consultant Luuk Koets
Bertram van der Aa
Consultant Bertram van der Aa
Robbert Ooms
Consultant Robbert Ooms
Richard Lieberwerth
Consultant Richard Lieberwerth
Rafe Lommers
Consultant Rafe Lommers
Twan Passon
Consultant Twan Passon
Gino Ramcharan
Consultant Gino Ramcharan
Wouter Adolfsen
Consultant Wouter Adolfsen
Benjamin Maas
Consultant Benjamin Maas
Tim van der Weiden
Senior Consultant Tim van der Weiden
Melissa ter Hove
Consultant Melissa ter Hove
Karim Harakeh
Manager Karim Harakeh
Daphne Schipper-Kraan
Consultant Daphne Schipper-Kraan
Boud Sengers
Consultant Boud Sengers
Stijn Van De Ven
Consultant Stijn Van De Ven
Danny Kliffen
Consultant Danny Kliffen
Dennis Yeung
Consultant Dennis Yeung
Erik Hoogeboom
Consultant Erik Hoogeboom
Job Baalbergen
Consultant Job Baalbergen
Lindsay Wolterink
Consultant Lindsay Wolterink
Luc Vervoort
Consultant Luc Vervoort
Martijn Bonouvrié
Consultant Martijn Bonouvrié
Nathalie Nolet
Consultant Nathalie Nolet
Renske van de Wiel
Consultant Renske van de Wiel
Sophie Vink
Consultant Sophie Vink
Veerle Willemsen
Consultant Veerle Willemsen
Maaike Oenes
Senior Consultant Maaike Oenes
Maxine Kersten
HR medewerker Maxine Kersten
Femmie van Dijk
Consultant Femmie van Dijk
Jan Folkertsma
Consultant Jan Folkertsma