Information about our focus areas at Bluefield

At Bluefield, we are familiar with the unique dynamics of various markets. Our focus is on the following areas:

  • Industry & Engineering: central in innovation.
  • Consumer Products: essential in everyday life.
  • Leisure: aimed at relaxation and entertainment.
  • Business Services: solutions for business processes.
  • Software & Technology: current and forward-looking.
  • Cure and Care: from hospital care to home care.

With our understanding of these domains, we are able to effectively comprehend and address the specific challenges in each sector. This in-depth focus enables us to thoroughly explore the opportunities within each area, where at Bluefield, we always emphasize a detailed focus to work specifically within each focus area.

  • Industry & Engineering

    The development of sustainable products, increasing global competition, and ongoing technological advancements play a crucial role in determining the right direction. Reports are an invaluable source of insight for both short-term and long-term steering and play an essential role in building a future-proof, scalable organization.

  • Consumer Products

    E-commerce continues to play a key role, with customers craving personalized and seamless digital experiences. The demand for sustainable products and transparency about them continues to grow, driven by various stakeholders. At Bluefield, we leverage technologies such as IoT and big data to improve decision-making and optimize products.

  • Leisure

    The unique guest experience is central. Seasonal dependence and fluctuating revenues make financial planning crucial. Optimal guest experience requires seamless system integration to maximally support the operational process. Our services focus on providing result-oriented solutions that help our clients grow and thrive in a rapidly changing market.

  • Business Services

    In a rapidly changing world, financial stability is indispensable. Effective cash flow management ensures a healthy liquidity position. A robust IT infrastructure supports processes and ensures secure data management. With growth, IT and financial processes need to evolve. Our services include process design, IT implementation, management information, and daily business support.

  • Software & Technology

    Quickly responding to changes, R&D investments, and customer focus are crucial for successful growth. Scalability of IT and financial processes supports this growth. Our services are focused on excellent management information and efficient, robust organizations. We maximize performance with effective information flows and systems.

  • Cure & Care

    Without compromising the quality of patient care and treatment, cost control is important to keep the services affordable. We understand the complexity and challenges associated with this and are committed to supporting organizations and improving performance, using excellent management information and efficient organizations with robust systems.