Join the Finance Transformation

The Finance Transformation shifts the focus from registration to anticipation and forecasting. We have brought Accounting, Financial and Business Control experts together in order to capture the maximum added value from Finance and tackle any challenge.

Business Control

Excellence in Business Control allows you to take the lead! We see a Business Controller as the navigator on a ship. What actions do we need to take to achieve our objectives, and what are the risks involved? The business controller monitors, plans and changes course if necessary.

  • Planning & Control

    The combination of financial and operational data creates the map needed to navigate towards success. A Planning & Control Cycle requires excellent processes and optimal use of data and software applications.

  • Business Partnering

    Maximising the value of business control by translating operational performance into financial consequences, expectations and improvement opportunities. Business Control is the operational financial conscience of the business but requires optimal BI-tooling and a mature Planning & Control Cycle.

  • Forecasting

    Predicting financial performance for the coming months based on operational performance. An excellent Finance Arena enables fast signalling of and response to changes.

Financial Control

Accounting ensures correct, complete and timely registration of financial data. Financial Control will use this to create relevant and reliable financial reports that can be used for external reporting and business control.

  • Working Capital Management

    Maximum insight in and control over working capital through relevant, reliable and timely information.


  • Financial Reporting

    Excellent information for stakeholders concerning the financial performance and health of the organisation through reliable reports, analyses and forecasts.

  • Statutory Reporting

    Creating added value from legally required filing of financial and non-financial information through excellent control of the Finance Arena.


Accounting is the foundation of any business. Excellent management information depends on the quality of registration and internal control. Additionally, the importance of compliance and governance is increasing. That is why our experts focus on creating precise, complete and timely financial information.

  • Transaction Processing

    Registration of transactions as efficiently as possible through maximum standardisation, controlled end-to-end processes and optimal automation.

  • Accounting Operations

    Full focus on an auditable balance sheet through excellent support from processes and governance.


  • Closing & Consolidation

    Reliable figures for internal and external reports every period.