Business Control & Analytics

Business Control plays a key role as a link between the strategic and operational levels of an organization. Business Control creates transparency and increases the predictability and interaction with the business. Business Control supports the management in translating strategic goals into concrete steps and provides good and relevant information about the business performance. Unlike Financial Control, Business Control is focused on the future. Business Control is an internal consultancy, specialized in mapping opportunities and risks, increasing effectiveness and reducing costs.

With the rise of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Business Control is becoming more dynamic and important. At Bluefield we are convinced that a good foundation must exist in order to receive added value from Business Control. This means that Accounting & Control must function well and end-to-end processes must be optimized in order to guarantee high reliability and accuracy of information.

How are we performing towards achieving our strategic goals? The Planning & Control cycle is perhaps the most important part of the Business Control tasks. Together with the management, Business Control continuously analyzes and reflects whether the target goals are reached or whether adjustments are required. The well-known “plan, do, check, act” approach is the main motto of the Business Control.

Being strong in communication as well as being able to switch at all levels in the organization is necessary in order to effectively execute Business Control. The ability to manage operational and financial data provides the possibility to obtain a complete and correct picture of the organization and thus make substantiated decisions. It is therefore logical that Data Analytics is a segment of Business Control. Anticipating the future must be standard within every organization. Bluefield supports ambitious organizations in implementing Business Control on a HPO-worthy level!

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