Utrecht, December 4, 2023 – As a leading consultancy firm, with a passion for financial and digital transformation processes, Bluefield announces an extensive collaboration with NBD Biblion, the hub of the Dutch library network. This partnership is aimed at realizing an advanced, multi-year digitalization plan.

Joint efforts in digital advancement
This sustainable collaboration unites Bluefield’s knowledge and pursuit of innovation in finance and IT with the industry-specific insights of NBD Biblion. Over the coming years, Bluefield’s team of experienced consultants and young talent will work closely with NBD Biblion. Together, they will commit to managing and continuously optimizing the IT environment.

Striving for stability and continuous improvement
This strategic collaboration aims to establish a sustainable foundation for constant innovation within NBD Biblion’s digital systems. “Our commitment to NBD Biblion underscores our dedication to technological progress and our continual pursuit of optimization,” says Karim Harakeh, Director at Bluefield.

Towards a future-proof library
This collaboration marks an important step in significantly improving and transforming our services. “This partnership ensures that our own team is continually nourished with up-to-date digital knowledge and energetic colleagues. They not only help us to accomplish mountains of work, but also ensure that our own employees remain sharp and enthusiastic. The employees of Bluefield are a strong external engine in our digital transformation,” says Nina Nannini, General Director of NBD Biblion.

Bluefield and NBD Biblion join forces to usher in an advanced digital era, ready for the challenges of the future.